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Weekly Poop 1/8/2020

Roost #44 Poop
·         From the Prez
Happy New Year to all Roost #44 members.  Hope your holidays were happy, healthy and safe!  Now on to Festivus!
Congratulations to Gary Miller and the Penguin Swim team on kicking off the year with another outstanding fund raising effort.
Congratulations and a big thank you to Michele Sardelis for stepping up to administer our first Football Sweepstakes that raised over $1,000.  A great success for a first time effort.
Our next meeting will be held January 9th at Mio Fratellos upstairs where the Christmas Dinner was held.  The formal election of officers and board members will be held at the meeting.  The nominations are closed per our By Laws, and since there is no opposition for any of the positions, I want to congratulate Bob Munroe and Don McMullen who will be elected as President and Vice President.  All officers and new Board members will be sworn in at the February 13th Roost meeting.
·         Dates to Remember:
o    1/19/2020 – Monthly Roost Meeting

·         Membership: I am now accepting 2020 dues.  Still $30 - Cheap! - Please pay at the meeting or mail your dues to: Susan Berterman, 12290 Dixie Drive, Bishopville, MD, 21813.

·         Game Bus: Playoff Bus available!  Please contact Bill Regan for information.  The pickup locations are as follows. Please arrive a few minutes early.
o    Ocean City Elementary School - Departing 7:00 am.  Address: 12828 Center Dr, Ocean City, MD 21842
o    Worcester County Library Ocean Pines - Departing 7:30.  Address: 11107 Cathell Rd, Berlin, MD 21811
o    Roses Millsboro - Departing 8 am.  Address: 29859 Dupont Blvd, Millsboro, DE 19966
My email address:  My cell: 410-430-7902.  Text is best.
·         Penguin Swim:
The prizes for the RR44 Penguin Swim Team winning first place this year included certificates for a foursome of golf, including carts, at 3 local courses.  All are for afternoon play (after 11 am).  I can use the last 2 that don't expire till the end of the year for raffle prizes, but if anyone is interested in making a donation for the next Penguin Swim, you can have your choice of ANY of the certificates.
o    Ocean Resorts Golf Club; expires 9/26/2020.  Winter rates are $100/foursome, Summer is $200/foursome.  MINIMUM BID; $100
o    Eagles Landing; expires 12/1/2020.  'Winter rates are $160/foursome, Summer is $260/foursome.  MINIMUM BID; $130
o    River Run; expires 12/31/2020.  Winter rates are $160/foursome, Spring is $360/foursome, Summer is $260/foursome.  MINIMUM BID; $140
·         Ravens Roost #44 Football Sweepstakes
Our 2019 Winners: Twelve - $25 Winners
o    Week 1 - Two $25 Winners for Least Points Scored - Both scored 31 points
§  Tonja Sas (4192) - Rank 4956 - Arizona, Cleveland, Washington
§  Les McKee (4111) - Rank 4957 - Arizona, Denver, Washington
o    Week 2 - One $25 Winners for Most Points Scored - 108 points
§  Jo Ann Elder (4151) - Rank 8 - Dallas, Baltimore, Tampa Bay
o    Week 3 - One $25 Winners for Bonus Prize Winner - 100 points
§  Igor Gawryluk (4164) - Guaranteed Weekly Winner Program Award - No rank
o    Week 4 - One $25 Winners for Bonus Prize Winner - 98 points
§  Diane Staines (4119) - Guaranteed Weekly Winner Program Award - No rank
o    Week 5 - One $25 Winners for Bonus Prize Winner - 112 points
§  Terry Jobb (4110) - Guaranteed Weekly Winner Program Award - No rank
o    Week 6 - One $25 Winners for Bonus Prize Winner - 101 points
§  Ed Belloff (4162) - Guaranteed Weekly Winner Program Award - No rank
o    Week 7 - One $25 Winners for Bonus Prize Winner - 118 points
§  Betty Apperson (4102) - Guaranteed Weekly Winner Program Award - No rank
o    Week 8 - Two $25 Most Points Scored Winners
§  Tom Maly (4143) 119 Points - Rank 12 - Dallas, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay
§  Steve Szlasa (4189) 117 Points - Rank 24 - Minnesota, Dallas, New Orleans
o    Week 9 - One $25 Winners for Bonus Prize Winner
§  Bailey Hermann (4138) - Guaranteed Weekly Winner Program Award - No rank
o    Week 10 - One $25 Most Points Scored Winners
§  Rich Hansen (4184) 119 Points - Rank 8 - Dallas, Jacksonville, Philadelphia
Congratulations to all our Winners!  Lots of fun this year - Thank you for playing!
Happy New year!  And Go Ravens!
Contact Michele Sardelis for questions.  Text or Call - 443-928-8286, or email at
·         Wellness: Please call Marian Cicero @ 410.250.2501 or 443.880.0862 if you know of a Roost member in need of a message of encouragement or a sympathy card for a family member.  Please, no texts or emails.
·         House: Thursday's meeting will be in the upstairs room where our Christmas party took place. I t will be open at 6pm.  Open the door in the middle of the east wall to access the elevator.  Food and drinks from a special HH menu will be ordered and served in the meeting room.  Let your server know your tab name for separate checks.  Food choices will include soups, salads, lite fare and desserts.  (Some but not all of Mio's great HH food items are included) Plus a full meal can be ordered if anyone desires.  Drink choices are bottled domestic beer, wine and rails.
Let's start 2020 off with a great first meeting!  Call Ron with questions
·         Apparel: We sold over $1,000.00 worth of items that was delivered for Christmas.  The on-line store is once again open, now until January 31, 2020 with delivery in February.
·         Entertainment:
o    Entertainment Schedule 2020:
§  1/22/2020 - Mini Golf Tournament.  Old Pro Golf, 6801 Coastal Highway, 6:30pm.  $30pp.  Please pay at the January Meeting.

Ravens Poop
·         Good daily dose of Ravens news notes and nuggets here.  It’s getting to the point where I can hardly stand ESPN, but you can go here to stay up to date with all of the AFC North news.

·         Out and about and can’t watch the game?  You can listen to the Ravens on the radio! (I know, right?)  Go here: for the list of affiliates.

·         Follow all the Orioles news on MASN here from columnist Roch Kubatko.

Local Poop
·         Friday Mayor's Prayer Breakfast, Clarion Hotel.  This event has been such an inspiring & uplifting morning, where the entire community would come together- including our local citizens, community leaders, elected officials, church congregations, local police and fire departments, the business community, the Board of education, educators and school representatives and nonprofit organizers.  It truly is the only event that spans the entire breadth of our community.
We are thrilled to announce this year's Key Note Speaker!!  Darryl Strawberry is described as a legend by many who have been dazzled by the dynamics of his game, the power he possessed at the plate, and the story of redemption that continues to bring hope to so many lives.  He has earned the legendary nicknames and phrases of one of the most feared home-run hitters in the game of baseball, Straw's Sweet Swing, Strawberry's Field Forever and The Legendary Straw Man!  Today, Darryl's purpose and passion is serving the Lord Jesus Christ by speaking a message of hope and helping others transform their lives through the power of the gospel.
The 2020 Mayor's Prayer Breakfast is presented by the Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce and participating sponsors: Bayshore Development / Jolly Rogers Amusements and Bank of Ocean City.

Funny Poop
·         A woman goes to the Doctor, worried about her husband's temper.
The doctor asks, "So what seems to be the problem?"
The woman says, "Doctor, I don't know what to do. Every day my husband seems to lose his temper for no reason at all. It's starting to scare me."
The Doctor tells her, "I think I have just the cure for that.  When it seems your husband is getting angry, just take a glass of water and start swishing it in your mouth.  Just swish, and swish, but don't swallow it until he leaves the room or decides to go to bed."
Two weeks later, the woman returns, looking fresh and reborn.  The woman says, "Doctor, that was a brilliant idea!  Every time my husband started to lose it, I swished with water.  I swished and swished, and he calmed right down!  How does a glass of water do that?!"
The Doctor informs her, "The water itself does nothing.  It's having to keep your mouth shut that does the trick."
·         Got Poop?  Let me know!  I’m going to try to get this out every Wednesday so if you get it to me by Tuesday, I’ll try to include it.  Your input is appreciated.

·         Our website is up and running.  Be sure to bookmark our address - or go to our blog @ for the latest news, notes and nuggets.

·         Life is short.  Focus on the good.


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